Partnership Programme For Designers

A unique partnership programme for designers and
Партнёрская программа для

For designers and aquariumists

Get the bonuses to work with us!

Leave the application.
and be our partner!

You'll be contacted in working hours.

1 500 000

Our visitors.
website per year

on the market
and terrariemis

16 years

More than 2,000 wholesale clients
Russian Federation

2 000

Main advantages,
by our partners

Skills all over.

Registration in general
Partners catalogue, publication
partner portfolio
Sit down.


10% discount for your

Special closed meetings
Equities for participants
Partnership Programme

Who can be a partner?


Decorators, landscape
designers, designers
Environment, etc.


Maintenance of facilities


How does it work? Partnership Programme
6 simple steps towards mutually beneficial work:

You're leaving.
We're in contact.
With you

We're registering.
You're in partnership.

You're assigned.
partner level and appointed
discounts and bonuses

We're hosting you.
in the partner catalogue,
Your portfolio looks
100,000 users
per month

Number of you
and income

Yours is growing.
Partnership discount
Programme, maximum



15 per cent discount on all goods

20% discount for all goods

Advanced partner

25% dry product discount
Wholesale price for " living goods "

Best partner

Leave the application.
and be our partner!

Compile complete description
Partnership Programme

Partners and projects

Chihachev Yuri
g. St. Petersburg

In the aquarium for over 20 years. Professional participant in the aquarium market (i.e. the market for the marine aquarities). He won the prize of visual sympathies at the Zhosfer 2011 Aquadizine Exhibition. Specializes the processing and maintenance of freshwater and marine habitats.

Squad Alexander
g. St. Petersburg

Specialization: processing marine aquariums, coral reefs, designer pseud seas.

Petrov Sergei
g. St. Petersburg

It's been a presynthesis for 30 years. Naval aquarium about seven years. There is experience in the installation, processing and maintenance of aquariums of 10 litres to 1,500 litres.

Grunski Igor
g. St. Petersburg

Professional aquarium. Marine informant. In the past, an oceanic officer in Voronje.

Orlov Alexei
g. St. Petersburg

Aquarimist, specialization of adsorption.

Shigin Alexander
g. St. Petersburg

Aquarimist, terrariumist, aquarius designer, member of the First Russian Competitive AquaLighter at the 2014 Zoosphere Exhibition.

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