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Как построить инфобизнес

First of all, choose a program that is suitable for your website, for example, if your website with the topic of culinary, it makes sense to participate in a partnership programme on the sale of books and videos on culinary art that helps people to lose and stuff (for our particular case).

Secondly, you must draw attention to the product itself. If it's something very common (e.g. recipe compendium), it doesn't make sense to cooperate with such a program for myser commissions.

If you're offered a hit, like, "How to lose and not starve," then you can boldly get to advertise that product, your efforts will be worth it.

Thirdly, you should be interested in the amount of commission you will receive for the product you sold. In the Russian Internet, this is about 10 to 15 per cent of the value of the product (in the United States Internet, the case is better, where you can find excellent partnership programmes that pay partners between 30 and 50 per cent of the total value of the product sold).

Fourth, draw attention to partnership. Usually, you are offered to fill out a special form with your F.I.O., mail address, payment option and some other additional information. But there are proposals that, in my opinion, are just inexplicable. It's been a while since I got an offer from one Internet store. So, to form a partnership in this program, you just had to go to the Internet store and introduce your design login. You are awarded the ID, which is your login. The company's not interested either you or your e-mail or your requisitions that list the commission. Is there a real question whether the company is going to pay any fees at all?
And you're told from the website's partner page, "When you buy one thing, then your commission will double." Be sure you're just being lured to buy something. And you can't get any commission from the company. You're anonymous, you're not registered anywhere as a natural person or as a specific partner.

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