Web Site Programme

Partnership sitesecure for web studios and agencies
программа веб-студии

You're an agency and you're supporting/promoting your clients' websites?

If your client's website is hacked, rewires his website or introduces mobile recounts, he'll be in a spam baz or a black search list, who's the client gonna file claims? Right, you. Unfortunately, the agency is always responsible, even if it's not guilty of anything.

SiteSecure will solve this problem once and for all!
And in addition, it'll help you earn it!

  • We propose the special functionality of the agency account: massive application of customers ' sites, customer management, comprehensive reports, rapid warning of any problem.
  • Unique benefits Partnership Programme for the agencies.

    As well, consultations of our managers to deal expeditiously with emerging issues.

  • You're always sure SiteSecure will cover your back.

    The emergence of a security problem is not just a question of the price of its solution, but the likelihood of losing a client forever. ♪

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