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Aliexpress партнерская

A lot of people know the AliExpress internet store, but few people know that buying is not only a good product, but a good saving. For this, it is sufficient to register in the system or.

  • Register.
  • Set the flame to the browser;
  • Get the money back from your and other people's purchases on AliExpress.
  • Choose the store;
  • Get the money back from your purchases on AliExpress and other 700+ stores.

Details of kashbecks

Cashback from English is translated as " refunds " . This system operates on Internet shopping and allows the buyer to retrieve some of the money spent.

The essence of the Cashbeck scheme for Internet purchases is very simple and is that the customer chooses and pays the necessary goods through a special reference. After their delivery, a portion of the amount spent on the purchase is returned.

Aliexpress ePN Cashback partner benefits

All buyers of AliExpress are given the opportunity to benefit from the Kashback service, which is absolutely not the country where you live. The amount of the discount depends on the number of purchases made. Simply put, with the increase in the number of purchases, there is an increase in savings.

Besides, you're getting a partnership fee from buying friends and other buyers who went to AliExpress on your partnership link. You can advertise your link in social media, engage in group purchases and just help buying friends and earning money.

It should be noted that this service allows its clients to receive discounts between 3 and 50 per cent, making purchases via the Internet. The money goes back to the buyer's personal account.

Aliexpress ePN Cashback

In order to become a party, a registration procedure is required. But only those who have reached the age of 16 may avail themselves of this opportunity.

A special form that is available on the website is filled for correct registration. Only relevant information is required in filling fields. It is particularly important to describe the current e-mail address and contact data, as they will be required in the registration process to confirm and continue with the service. If the client has not substantiated his data, he will not be able to withdraw money from the personal account.

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