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Cityads review, feedback on how to earn a partnership
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One of the largest partnership programmes was launched in March 2011. The company itself was founded three months earlier as a small experiment in the CPA Marketing area.

In order to start profiting, you must have one or more sources of good traffic. It can be social networks, its own project, a tiger and contextual advertising, dorvey, PopUp advertising or e-mail retrieval. After being involved, the user goes on the adorator's website and takes the necessary action for which you get paid. This type of earnings is called CPA (Cost Per Action) - payment for action.

In the webmaster's office, you'll find a wide range of tools for easy and effective work: text references, tyrannium rotator, dynamic banners (dynamic reagenting), banner rotator, reverse url. Dynamic banners (retraining) allow you to earn money from those users who originally went to the adventor ' s site and did not act. However, the system remembered them on other sites, and it would show them a banner with goods they had seen earlier. Thus, the user returns to the advertiser ' s website and takes the desired action.

How do you get into Cityads?

You can make it through a partnership program, you can convert the traffic. By referring to the advertiser ' s website on your website, social media, tigers or context advertising, you attract users. For every act they've done, you get paid from an adorator in the form of remuneration.

In CityAds, 60 per cent of webmasters use arbitration schemes. It is worth noting that arbitration requires large amounts of money at the beginning, so medium- and primary-level webmasters are encouraged to start with simple content-based websites that focus on product, game and financial offshores. Using XML to unload the bills, for example, you can make a website with the promocodes and discounts to the internet stores that were submitted to Cityads. By taking the PTS out in search systems on low-frequency requests for brands and Internet magazine names, you'll start earning income without investing large amounts of money.

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