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On February 14th, we're in a hurry to welcome you to the new news and, of course, to the next celebration! Many of you already know that in February, we started active testing of a new tool, the Kashbeck Promocodes, which increases the pay rate for AlyExpress buyers. And now, in honor of the day of all the lovers, we're launching an ePN AliExpress Cashback! As part of the stock, every kashbacker will be able to get a high interest procode (8%) and for you, dear partners, it is an excellent opportunity to attract more kashbeck referals and increase its passive income. For the record, has already been launched and the references to it have already been prepared for you in your private office.

In addition, ePN Cashback is entering the foreign market. For AlyExpress-kashbeck, this is particularly relevant, because foreign kashbeck services rarely offer their users more than 5 per cent of AliExpress, so we are confident that our offer will be taken into consideration by “hurrah”. The translation of the main pages of the kashbeck into English has already been completed, and in the near future we are planning to add the dollar bank cards, so you can start using foreign references now!

With regard to the ePN Cashback reference programme, we simply have to draw your attention to another innovation - we have made references to a separate section of your personal office ' s Instruction. We recommend that you check this section from time to time - the reference programme tools will be updated and refined.

Not only are AliExpress and ePN prepared for spring holidays. Our partner also decided to welcome its users to various shares and sales, such as:
500 gift points by 8 March
discounts on ACT publishers ' books
Polaris ergonomic dish with discount to 40 per cent
home textiles for full benefit to 50 per cent
Hills feed for domestic animals
Bunners for these and other shares will be loaded into hell this week. And if you're not working with Partnership Programme Ozon ePN is the time to start, because in the Ozone, your users will be able to find not only the products from AliExpress, but also books, films, music, and eventually the macaroons and mackerel! In order to become a member of the SR ePN Ozon, write in technical support.

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