Finham Partnership Feedback

We buy shares through the finals without leaving the lazy investor
Партнерская программа

FinamHow to buy stock through Finham on the button.

As I said, Finam (see feedback on Finham) is one of the most advanced brokers in the Russian stock market. In addition to the recent review, I will brief today on the fairly innovative service that Finam had at the beginning of this year, called Broker 2.0. Many of the readers may have already noticed the introduction of the " Online stocking " in the right blog site, in this small article I will detail the investment opportunities of this service.

The news is that it is not necessary to open the brokering account prior to the acquisition of shares and to be registered with Finam. The purchase can be paid with a bank card. After that, 90 days are allocated to the opening of the broker account.Финам - выбор акций By leasing on the " stockpiling online " button, any blog visitor gets the opportunity to buy shares through the Finham broker, just as he would buy any Internet store. Difference of market quotations of about 1.5 per cent to the bank commission. Minimum purchase of 3,000 roubles. The list of shares available for service purchase includes more than 50 items (including those of American companies).

Any partner in the company can make out such buttons. A partner can be both a natural and a legal person. The most important condition is the availability of a site for the subject (economics, investment, stock market). Furthermore, the site should be sufficiently popular (at least 3,000 confirmed visitors per month).Покупка акций по партнерской программе The attendance can be confirmed by, for example, the Google Analytics service. Data should be provided in the last three months.

After the launch of the " Equity On " button, there will be a window:

In this window, it is necessary to select a specific activity and indicate the quantity. Once the " Daleye " button is pressed, a form of rapid registration is opened.

A third step in the purchase of shares is to pay the bill through a bank card.

After that, for a few minutes, the buyer becomes a full shareholder who purchased quotations at the time the " stock cap " was contracted. The electronic address indicated in the contact information shall be accompanied by a letter of instructions for the opening of the account. As has already been said, this can be done not immediately but within the next 90 days. The shareholder of the company may be any RF citizen over 18 years of age, regardless of the status (both investor and newcomer).

Such services do not yet have analogs in the Russian Federation and contribute to the integration of Russian citizens into the stock market, thus increasing their financial literacy. I'd be happy to see the feedback from lazy investors who used the service in the comments.

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