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This is the report from the second wix-seminara in the roses
Кроме того, новый сайт на Wix

The last Wix-Seminar surpassed all our expectations!

It's not a secret, especially for the readers of this blog, that last week, 24 June, there was a long-awaited second Wix-Seminar in Moscow. Specially for the seminar participants (and there were many!) as well as for those who were unable to register or simply unable to reach us for any reason, we have produced a small report referring to the reports read out.

Full of people

It began with the approach of the hour X, it became clear that the number of participants far exceeded our most optimistic expectations. In other words, it was a real anschlag! We wish to express our great gratitude to all those who have devoted their time and attention to our seminar. Thank you for your interest and for choosing our platform to develop and move your business online. We'll use the moment to apologize to those who didn't get a seat: we've taken all possible measures to ensure maximum comfort to those who arrived, but because of the higher number of participants, some have to listen to standing reports. We are already working to define the format of future seminars and to prepare a new programme based on your feedback.

Where the report is buried

Let us not further delay you and move to the very core of the event, the rapporteurs and their statements:

Nikita Sherman, Head of Russian Mission Wix.com, made the first intervention. Nikita shared key elements that need to be remembered by setting up his business site. The presentation was mostly oral, but draw attention to the reference to a detailed article on each of the topics raised.

The second report was owned by Julia Flerova, head of SMM-direction Wix.com in Russia. Julia shared useful advice and tricks that would help us use Wix editor to the maximum. Since it is not possible to declare an inexplicable number of useful functions in the Wix Editor, only the opportunities chosen were mentioned. The presentation is available for consultation. Additional information on the work with Wix editor is always available at our training centre and at the technical support forum.

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