Eviton Ru Partnership Feedback Programme

Eviton review, feedback on how to earn a partnership

- a commodity partner whose variety is beauty and health products, original gifts, household goods, cars and kitchen appliances. The collection is regularly replenished.
The partnership fee ranges from 25 to 40 per cent of the paid order. Remuneration is indicated in the catalogue of goods near the price.

How to make money

1. Get on the partner's website. Right after registration, you'll get access to the private office.
2. Meet me. Catalogue of goods♪ Choose your interesting offers. The price of each product and the amount of the partnership remuneration are indicated.
3. The name of the goods is your personal reference to the Lening with photographs, videos, descriptions of the goods, feedback, guarantees, payment and delivery conditions, and the form of the order. Place an ad link on your website, publish in blog or social media. Traffing can be attracted by means of a taser and contextual advertising, e-mails, and other convenient means.

4. In addition to bank transfer and electronic currency, the buyer may pay the order in respect of mail or cash courier. In these cases, the partnership will be paid only after delivery to the buyer.

5. The stats of the show, the order, the cancellation and the payment can be seen in the private office. In order to obtain more detailed statistics, set the Yandex. Metriki counter.


The partner pays 10 per cent of the recipient ' s earnings for new participants. All references are carefully checked, the establishment of additional discounts to obtain reference accruals may result in the freezing of records and the cancellation of remuneration.

How to make money

Payments are made every week on Mondays. Refers are paid from Monday to Wednesday. The following data should be included in the section designs for withdrawal:

1. Telephone number, which should also be confirmed by text.
2. WMR-coshell number or RF bank card requisitions. It is important to note that, with the profile and number of the Webmoney wallet and the bank card, preference is given to the map.

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