Bitcoin Partnership Programme

Криптовалюта биткоин

We propose mutually beneficial cooperation for monitoring digital exchangers.

File of export of courses - reference:

We have a real programme of two levels. It can be successfully used as a profit-making tool. It will be a source of interest from the exchange of currency that has been effected by the referee and invited user. The more their actions, the higher your profits are.

Partnerships are paid at the first and second levels:

0.6% of turnover to client (1st).

0.2% of turnover to client (2nd).

If the exchange service has not arrived, applications for remuneration may not be satisfied. This relates to the transaction of " exchange-rate " .

Authorization should be registered and then cooperated as a full partner. The registered user will have a virtual personal office containing guidance on how to attract new clients and references.

2. Partners are adminants and active participants.

The two-track partnership programme could be a profitable exercise for those seeking additional earnings. This also requires registration, which will give the right to use a private office. Information will also be needed: promotional materials, references to partners, guidance on user-friendly arts.

23 banners can be used to speed up the process of inviting new references. They can be used on individual Internet platforms. Enlisted references will provide quality services.

Remuneration Partnership Programme

0.6% of turnover - client engaged (1st level).

Reimbursement applications may be waived if there is no profits from " repayment " . This is a justified exception to our working conditions.

3. A rebate system.

Russ offers its users a cumulative discount system. In determining the level of the discount, all volumes of the exchange processes that have been performed during the service period are taken into account. A half-cent discount is given at the time of registration. The percentage changes longer according to the amount of exchange by growing. As a result, the user has a certain benefit.

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