Bitrix24 Partnership Programme

I launch phase of the new Partnership " Bricks24 "
Курс на «Битрикс24» — новая
Friends, we have launched the first phase of the new Bitrix24 partnership program!
All phases of launch

What changed:

1. From today onwards, all purchase fees for clients attached to you are performed at no levels, i.e. 50 per cent from the first purchase of the client and 20 per cent from the next three years from the date of the Betrix24 of this client.

You don't need to get scores to hold the level anymore. As long as there's a number of scores in your private offices, New Partnership Programme scores remain, but they will not affect remuneration.

In the future, the scores will determine the status of the partner and influence the discount on the Bits24 brief.

As long as we're seeing, we'll get him out of the interface, we'll only show him the status.

2. New ways of connecting customers are in place (I will list all of them for a long time and explain what works).

I will recall that you may not only sell Bits24 to customers directly, but also " tie " to your client account you brought, with which you are negotiating the sale of Bitrix24, training or which you already sell to Betrix24. If that client pays for the Bits24 directly, not through you, we'll pay you a fee.

(1) Referential reference - reference to a site with a specific metre (with ID partner), immediately after the establishment of its Betrix24 portal, the client is linked to the partner. This reference you see in your private office on:

(2) The promocode is a promocode that gives the client an extra bonus to free Bitrix24.

The promocode can only be provided by partner C-Bitrix, starting with business partner status.

Such bonuses are now available:
12 additional users per six months or year
- 5G clouds for six months or a year
- 5-10-15% discount (new promocode, personalized for customer)

Promocode can be used by all, including current clients who already have Bitrix24. In the past, the promocode could only be used for the new Bits24.

A scenario like that. You have a client who already has Bitrix24 coming to your seminar or webinare, but he doesn't understand, and he wants to know more. After your webinar/seminar, he understands everything, and he's willing to even buy you, you give all the participants the promocode (this won't work out) and the customers that use this promocode are tied to you.

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