Intimshop Ru Partnership Feedback Programme

Intimshop (Intimshop) review, feedback on how to earn
Партнерские Программы: Сайт

The Internet store has been specializing in products for adults since 2000. A partnership programme could be identified among the various ways of attracting potential buyers used by the store. Once registered in the system, the partner will have access to:

∙ promotional banners of different sizes;
∙ Tieser designer;
• A platform that can build its own store on its home;
• The possibility of integrating the shop as part of the existing project;
• Advisory support services.

In order to start working with the system, no I.D. documents are required to be sent to the store support service. Disclosure statistic, client activity report is in a private office. Orders are recorded even with Cookies and Referer disconnected.

Accessible earnings schemes

The web-based management programme has different schemes for new references. Bloggers are provided with up-to-date information and a variety of photos, videos to create interesting readers.

Web-masters, seo-opers can use intimshop-platform with automatically-renewable contents, attract buyers through a distribution on personal resources. Some participants Partnership Programme They prefer to place a reference in forums, in social networks together with a natural accompanying text.

How much can I make?

IntimShop's partner will receive between 15 and 25 per cent of the value of the refers. No interest is paid for less than 500 roubles. No minimum payment threshold.

Conditions for withdrawal of cryptates in partner

Payments are made twice a month, 10th, 25th. Receipts can be made only through the WebMoney system and no other means of computing partners. At the same time, the store is charged with WebMoney, 0.8 per cent, which means you will be able to obtain exactly the amount that is displayed at the time of withdrawal in a private office.

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