St. Petersburg Partnership Feedback Programme

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Партнерская программа Закрытый

  • 0% of the commission always!
  • Free processing of mortgages, subsidies, equity contracts
  • Free guided tours on SPB and Len.
  • Expertise in the selection of a reliable developer
  • We have 100 builders and 300 new ones.
  • PLUS operates under cooperation agreements with all reliable CSR and LO developers
  • % lower than bank Partnership Programme PLUS Bank
  • We'll help sell your apartment so you can buy a new one.


housing units

64 000



Hello! We, Victor and Catherine, at the end of last year, purchased an apartment at the Triumph Park VC through your company. I would like to thank you for the professional support we have given to the apartment. I would particularly like to highlight your specialist, Maletina Anne, whose professional attitude towards our clients has been very much appreciated. We consider her not only a real estate expert, but a good psychologist and a man. We ask you to thank Anna on our behalf for the services rendered and to encourage her.

Respectfully, your clients Victor and Catherine.

Victor and Catherine

Thank you for your speed. I'm from the north. We met, we took the buildings, told them where they were. They've been screaming in the craft. They're all set in one day. That'd be the service to Norilsk. The successes of PLUS!

Andrei Szeglov

I was looking at it first. Then Julia from the sales department told me why PLUS didn't have to pay and describe their business system. We got a mortgage with a grant free of charge. I've got candy!

Anna Decakova

Good evening! I'd love to write a review. Since all the constructions first went down. Turns out you could come to PLUS for Nevsky and find out about all the constructions in one place. Elena Scoda was escorted to the formal. Found all the fingerprints on the treaty. Thank you very much. I'll advise you all the co-workers.

Kosogorov Igor Petrovich

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