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Good day, I thought I'd introduce you to the Youtube Partnership Programme, AIR.

Connecting your channel to a partnership program is a serious matter! You must be confident of the reliability and integrity of the network that plans to connect. I'll bring the main reasons I've been pushed into A.I.R.

In summary: Looking for a program with a convenient payment on Ukraine ' s territory and a small demand for checks and subscriptions to connect, I finally found the perfect option that has an entire range. List of advantages:

1. The partner promotion programme works very well. (at least with my subject) I'm sure the way I have a similar channel in WSP, and there's fewer views.
2. Designer's help. It's very convenient for those who don't have time to get over the hat. You may be able to get her expertise in this area, but this is only available to 10 subscriber partners.
3. Payments are made in absolutely any way. Each partner's approach.
Summary list of possible payment systems (extended list)
- Webney
♪ PayPal
♪ Map/account payments in any bank. Including Privat Bancom (privat24)
♪ Chek.
4. Russian support, post office responds quickly. We can contact the Skype, they'll be answering for a few minutes.
5. 70/30. For me, it's a plus RPM 60/40, and I don't see the meaning of that big percentage, even I can't do Russian support.
Nice bonuses!
If your canal has more than the number of checks in the month below, your percentage of payments are increasing!
- 500,000 views per month 75%
- 1,000,000 views 80 per cent
- 10,000 000 000, about 85 per cent (Alternately, more precise figures specify those support)
6. There's a personal office, a reference system.
7. Every week, there's a fascinating mail with interesting news of the utub, sometimes there's some good news.
8. Videoconferences are being held to ask questions and to assist newcomers.
9. In contrast to other SRs, this concludes an adequate and beneficial contract with you, by the way, it is a significant advantage in protecting your copyright.
10. Liquidity of the contract within 30 days and ability to review the accounts for each payment.

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