Partner Catalogue

[32 free ways to promote partnerships. ♪ ♪ ]
Как сделать сайт с играми


Actual for newcomers

1. Communication with potential clients in target groups, communities. (Concluding, classmates, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
2. Cluster positions
3. On the author ' s webina or training, create an event and invite all your friends there.
4. Personal invitations through reports to the author ' s activities. (social networks)
5. Development of its scout in social media (friend additives, invitation on the wall, publication of useful and partner material, updating of its status with a free product recommendation)
6. Posts, photos
7. Publication of comments in the topics discussed by the social media, forums
8. Heshtags in social media
9. Study the author ' s free or paid product and record the video surveillance/recall
10. Create your own. You'll have your useful video.
11. Write an interview with a famous author, the perfect option when the author publishes this video on his own canal or makes your voice, it's a big audience for you.
12. General in forums
You register in the forum and start sharing your experience in the branch under discussion. On your signature, you're putting your partnership link in.
13. Question and answer services mail, google
Looking for your topic, responding in a skilled and literate manner and finally leaving a link to the partnership site or to your page with a more detailed response.
14. Your website, blog, forum, portal
♪ The writing of interesting articles, their reviews at the right place makes a partnership reference.
♪ Partnership banners.
15. Creation and development of its social network on the right theme
16. Your website is a catalogue of info-products, partner catalogue.
One such large site is our site, and more narrow sites are being developed on one topic.
17. Creation of your own free produce to collect subscribers.
18. Promotion of partnerships in their mailing/autoring
19. Email mailing per cent with author

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