Partnership Catalogues

Каталог партнерских программ

CPA-networks are the partners ' catalogues, which depend on actions taken by users that have been posted on the advertiser ' s website. This could be either the purchase of goods on the Internet store or the search of a video clip, or the recording in the game or the processing of credit. Important clarification: The user agreement pays the user ' s webmaster ' s bill in the CPA network only after the advertiser has confirmed the action user ' s counterpart.

A model of this kind of cooperation between advertisers and website owners is not new. At the dawn of the roll, the first Internet stores opened their own partnership programmes by paying webmasters a reward depending on performance. Cooperation took place on a voluntary basis and could be terminated at any time. But since the development of their own partnership programmes required constant investment, their content created a gap in the trade sector budget. This led to the emergence of a CPA network first in the English-language segment of the Internet and then in the runway.

Start working and earning CPA is very simple. Russia has about 10 large networks. With a list of CPA networks, you can see below. Upon registration in the field network and approval of the proposed site, the webmaster is offered a variety of tools. The simplest of these are ordinary banners, which are located on the site by either the violator or the html code, as well as text references with a personal identifier that can be located in the thematic reviews. Advanced webmasters are offered more sophisticated tools, such as xml-katalogs, which allow a partner to open his own store.

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