Partnership Programme As A Way Of Earning On The Internet

Что такое партнерская

LevePlanet Partnership Programme - Real legal
The way the internet earns!

There are many easy ways to make money on the Internet. One is partnering. They are a form of mutually beneficial cooperation between sellers of goods and (or) services and intermediaries that promote them. Reliable Partnership Programme " LovePlanet " , which is an audited version of online earnings.

Record and start earning today!

How the partner works.

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  • Deleting the reference
    On your website.
  • Make.

The essence of the programme ' s work, which is meaningful
The method of earning on the Internet is:

  • In accordance with the bilateral agreement, the partner makes reference to " LovePlanet " to his resources. It could be both a website and an annex. Users, interested in the reference, enter the dating site. The income of the programme participant is dependent on the action he has done.
  • The partner receives commissions (of 50 per cent) from all LovePlanet paid services, which were used by the references. He also receives income from two other sources. It is made up of funds paid by the dating site for each questionnaire posted here (up to 38 p) and ios users.

What benefits
cooperation with LovePlanet?

  • The amount of our earnings is made available to our partners regularly and in full using one of the options for the payment Internet: Yandex. Money or Webmoney.
  • Internet resources with a large amount of traffic, we offer cooperation on particularly advantageous terms.
  • Partnership participation
    The program is a real and fast way to get off the Internet. It does not require full employment during the day and is convenienced as an additional source of income.
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