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Partnership publishing programme info-dvd
Быстрый Запуск Партнерских

Get in with us and the rich!

"Life is good, and good living is better."

Who would argue!

But for a good life, you need money.

And for these moneys to be driven, you think there's a lot to do?

Not necessarily!

Info-DVD's partnership program can be earned!

I don't know if I'm going to have to.

That can be confirmed by more than 23,000 of our partners! Partners whose total payments have already exceeded 16 million roubles.

You know, just a couple of years of work.

Info-DVD. October 2012.

Why do we benefit?

There's a huge choice in the Network today. partnership programmes

Yeah, it's a big deal. But we're not going to be considering the shortcomings of the competitors now, but honestly, without beauty, and, of course, by giving up false modesty, we're gonna tell us about our advantages.

Let's start with the main one: we're going to have a good time.

You won't find a partnership program in Runet more generous than Info DVD. Judge yourself.

Info-DVD, you receive 30% of the value of each product sold through you. Yeah, that's what the client paid, not the profits!

Let's say if you're doing our info product at 3,000-3500 roubles. We pay you about 1,000 p. And that's just for one of those info-products!

But you can sell 10 and 30, and 100 of our courses a month. Why not? In total: to open its website (in WordPress this is done for half an hour), to pay the hosting (150 p. per month), to write the text, to insert the link and to begin. Start building and developing your business.

It turns out its cost is 150 p. You've been shy since the first sale.

And it could happen the next day. Then another one, one more. ♪ ♪

Besides, we pay off. 5 per cent sales made by webmasters you'll attract.

Additional sales of associated goods are also paid. I mean, you, for example, sell a video to the client, and he's ordering something else on the subject. You, too. ♪

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