Internet-Based Partnership Programme

Real programme for shop-script 7
Партнерская программа

The real partnership programme is an effective tool for Internet magazine. The focus of the programme is to engage partners who disseminate information about your website on the Internet and social media and receive bonus charges for it. Bones earned by partners can buy your Internet store or, if that's what your company's policy allows, get stocked bonuses in a bank or cash. By publishing links to your Internet store on different websites, your partners help you expand the site reference base, which promotes search systems, brings new visitors to your Internet store and ultimately helps you increase sales.

Any buyer of your Internet store and any user who has registered on your website can be part of the reference program: in the Partner Programme, in your own desk, each partner accepts the terms of the reference program, receives the individual design of the type /?promo_id=199251, starts to bring customers for the reference and receives the fee.

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