Internet Shopping Partnership Programmes

Riw 2014: Partnership programme anatomy and ledogenery with the right Lenings
партнерская программа

kostina_3.jpgThe Russian Interactive Week 2014 conference was launched on 12 November, bringing together many sections related to the Internet. One of the sections of SEOnews interest was the discussion of all work in partnership programmes. The reviews of reports on this topic are available.

Ksenya Kosnin (Leadgid) listed in its statement model errors arising during the course of Partnership Programme

Examples of the mistakes made by Xenia were drawn from the experience of the Leadgid financial partnership network, which specializes (mostly) in financial surpluses.

1. Mistake: There is nothing to know about the work of the partnership programmes, but to contact the network for cooperation

  • As they think, partnership programmes always have leather that they are willing to trade for anything or sell.
  • In fact, preliminary examination of CPA programmes

2. Mistake: Request cooperation in a partnership programme without a product.

  • As they think, a partner can sell everything through it.
  • In fact: Determine what products are to be delivered through partnership programmes.

3. Mistake: There's nothing to know about the conversion of your site and how successful your product is.

  • As they think, any product is successfully sold in partnership programmes.
  • In fact, you must have in your hands the extent to which your product is successfully sold and whether the conversion on the site is good.obvintseva.jpg Webmasters need as much information as possible!

4. Mistake: Simultaneous indication of all partners ' aggregates as addresses. However, the text of the communication refers to " address " . Simply put, there's a simple question of courtesy.

5. Mistake: Make some mistakes,

  • As they think: to contact a partnership network, not knowing their goals, targets, but rather the sales statistics of their Internet store, and to use a hidden copy in the communications.
  • In fact, possession of information before contacting the partnership network.

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