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About the partnership program youtube for multi-channel networks
Как заработать на партнерской

The authors of all multi-channel networks (MX) should join the YouTube partnership programme. They will have all the benefits of YouTube ' s partner, while remaining able to use the functions and tools of their multi-channel network. All the terms of the programme will apply to such authors.

You don't know the status of your channel?

To get to know him, contact the network. The ISS may consist of two types of channels:

  • Partners♪ The ISS operates, but the rights to the channel and content belong to the owner.
  • Network Canals♪ These channels are owned by the ISS. Its representatives are fully responsible for the content and management of these channels.

By the type of channel, we determine the extent to which a set of functions is available to him and what rules should apply to him.

As a member of the multi-channel network, enter into a partnership programme

As a member of the program, you'll get more opportunities. For example, it will be possible to use the content of other authors ' videos and share their income from these rolls.

If you already have a multi-channel network

If there's no warning in the courthouse that you can join. Partnership Programmecontact the network representative. The point is, not all the authors have the opportunity to become partners. Read more about this in the partnership rules.

frequently asked questions

How do you make a video?

First, you need to state that you want to monetize the video and send it to the test. If it's successful, YouTube will start posting advertisements on the very spot or next to it, and you'll be getting income from advertising and paying services.

How much will I make on my video?
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