Why Do You Need A Partnership Program Youtube

Why would you want a partner on the utub?
Минусы официальной партнерской

зачем нужны партнёрские сети на Ютубе Зачем нужна партнёрка на Ютубе? В чём преимущества партнёрских сетей на YouTube?To earn money from Yutub, it is absolutely not necessary to have a partner network, whether BroadbandTV, Fullscreen or Air.

Still, there's a few minus in a straight partner with Jutub.

For example:

  • The withdrawal of funds is only possible when a $100 has been accumulated, and it is not easy to hire this amount for the starting channel;
  • The withdrawal of funds is made through a cheque, Rapid (payment system) or through bank transfer;
  • Support is virtually inaccessible, and all of which you can draw information is articles on the support website and in various forums;

What are the partners' networks for: myths and Reality?

There are some myths about partner networks.

1. Many believe that the partnership network can influence CPM, that is, the income earned for a thousand views.

Myth! This is not the case: CPM depends on the advertising budget, the year ' s time (e.g. CPM is markedly declining after New Year ' s Days) and the overall economic situation of the country as a whole. If the network offers you a fixed CPM, they either say wrong or they're gonna pay off their pockets, which is usually a direct path to bantrotation.

Зачём нужна партнёрка на ютубе репутация канала Зачем нужна партнёрка на Ютубе? В чём преимущества партнёрских сетей на YouTube?Anyway, if the network offers you a guaranteed CPM, it's better to avoid partnering with such a network. Let's repeat, The network has no impact on the CPM, the income for 1,000 views. If the networks had such an opportunity, they would all use it because the network ' s income is directly dependent on the income of the partners in the network.

2. The network will help you avoid the spearhead of the guards and allow you to use other people's material with impunity.

Myth! In a partnership with the network, you work through an Adsence network, and, accordingly, if you're in violation, the network itself can suffer. With a large number of spearheads, the multi-channel network could lose the status of the network. Verification of the channel for non-protective copyright material is a standard procedure prior to the adoption of the channel in the partnership programme.

3. Partner networks provide access to exclusive services in Yutub, inaccessible to other users.

Myth! Yeah, updates tend to be made available first to major partners, but it's not from the network, it's from the size of the canal, and from their relationship and youTube/Google dating.

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