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Different licens how to sell saas through hosts: experience of my warehouse project
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Hello, Habr. Today, I will report on the experience of the MoJSB. We decided to attract customers to our cloud service in a unique way for the Russian market - through the hosting companies and service providers. The following are the features of preparing an application for sale through the hosts, marketing the application and how many new customers can bring this sales channel.

The note is not written for pyara, but for good. To be of maximum use to cloud starters and hosters (and both here and others) don't be embarrassed to ask. Perhaps your questions will form the basis for the next posts on the topic.


I'm not going to tell you about my Message service. If they wish, they can look at the site, and look here how it started. So I'll explain to you what, in fact, a cloud startup is working with the hosts. Of course, to increase the number of clients. The flow of money to the SaaS provider is directly proportional to the number of service users. We've tried a lot of ways to attract visitors to the project site (as we have already told) and we've learned to convert customers to customers. Work in this direction shall not cease for a minute. But no matter how successful it is, I always want more.

Since the price of each sale of our service is high enough, we would have no choice getting new clients a little cheaper than we had before. " Opportunity " opened quite unexpectedly early in 2010, following the SoftCloud Project Anonym. But much more enthusiasm has given rise to the Application Packaging Standard (APS), the technological basis for the sale of cloud services and delivery to their client, supported by Parallels.

Causes of interest:

  • In Russia and the CIS, there is a ready ecosystem under APS. A minimum of five hosting companies are using Parallels Plesk Panel, which supports APS from version 8.2. Plus the APS is supported by the SysCP control panel. This means that the Moyssa product is potentially accessing tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of small businesses. They are our target audience.
  • We have received regular requests from small hosts to sell the Message through the hosting management board. The boarding range of these providers is quite stiff. That's why we thought packing our soft every time under a new panel was too crafty. The APS is quite drawn to the industry standard: in Parallels, it is said that more than half a million APS packets have already been installed in the world.
  • The APS techniques are open and continuously improved by a consortium of developers. New versions of the standard are emerging.
  • APS development work is carried out in Russia by the Moscow office of Parallels. Running forward, I'll tell you that was very helpful.
  • In Parallels, we were promised serious support, both technically and in the promotion of our product among service providers.
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