Partnership Programme Crisis Free Of Charge

Post pro affiliate for shop-script 7
Скрипт партнерской программы

You want to start a partnership program and get extra sales thanks to the partner's traffic? Then you need a modern violin of the partnership program - Post Affiliate Pro.

Attention: This free flame is not a violator of the Post Affiliate Pro partnership programme and does not contain it. It's designed to integrate your store from your designated server. Partnership Programme crisis

How does the partnership program work?

The partner (webmaster) has a link or a banner on the product page. The visitor crosses the reference and the partnership program records this transition in the cookie file. When the customer makes the order after a while, the plagin sends the following data to the partner:

  • order amount
  • Currency
  • order number
  • Identifier of ordered goods
  • Coding code (if used)
  • email customer
  • as well as the ID webmaster who needs to be commissioned

Post Affiliate Pro creates a webmaster ' s commission in the “for consideration”. Once the shop is filled with the status of " completed " , the flame changes the status of the commission in the partnership programme to " approved " , and the commission has a webmaster. If the order is removed or returned, the commission shall be cancelled.

Functions of the flame

  • different product categories
  • Accrual of the commission on the value of the goods without taking into account delivery
  • the buyer ' s attachment to the webmaster after the first purchase
  • Tracking partnerships with billing codes (without partnerships)
  • Multi-currency
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