Pitness Club Partnership Programme

Фитнес клуб и способы

The World Class Class of South Sahalinsk is happy to cooperate with all those who promote healthy lifestyles. Health is a success. Join the great world World Class - make your life brighter, more dynamic and progressive!

Partner WORLD CLASS and AZK Armros

All members of the World Class Fitness Club will now be able to service their 10 per cent discounted vehicle at the AZK " ARMOS " (complex, maintenance station, auto marker and bar) and 50 copies of the fuel line on AP.*

The programme also grants the holders of the active reservoirs of ARMOS to receive an additional discount of 3 per cent of the current stock for the purchase of the straw map.

* World Class owners of existing World Class club maps can obtain an ARIS card with privileged discounts by entering the compound (round-to-day) or the company ' s client office (work days) and completing the sample form. Company address: South Sahalinsk, Lenin 441a.

ARMOS was founded in 1999 and is the first round-the-clock vehicle in the Sahel region. To date, the complex is serving over 45,000 buyers monthly. The discount programme started in the summer of 2010 and has over 8,000 participants; maximum discounts: 20 per cent for vehicle maintenance and spare parts and 1 rouble for fuel lithane on AP.

Partnership program WORLD CLASS and Times of the Year

For members of the World Class Fitness Club, the World Class restaurant in the Year's Times has a discount of 8 per cent on all menus when the World Class is presented.

Partnership Programme WORLD CLASS and ZEN CAFE

In the ZEN café for all members of the club, the World Class shows a 5% discount on all the dishes! Detailed information on the possibilities and conditions for concluding a partnership agreement can be obtained from the Fitness Club.

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