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If you're asking yourself, "What's a utub partner like that?", "how do you get a partner on youtube?", "what's the partner youtube paying? "What's his partner on youtube picking up?" and "what's the best partner youtube? "so that means you have a canal on the utub, and you already know that he's a coin. This article is for you. I'll try to answer all your questions.

Партнерка для ютуба QuizGroup - логотипUtuba Partnership Programme (or mediate / partner Youtube, as they already call it) is an organization that allows authors to earn on their video. To do this, the videos start advertising, and if the viewer clicks on this ad, the author of the skate and the media he's connected, he gets income. This usually occurs in this relationship: 30 per cent receives media (partner) and 70 per cent receives the author. But there are partners with a ratio of 40/60 or 20/80. There are even partners who take only 10 per cent of the advertising income, and 90 per cent give the author, but I don't recommend access to such media, because they're very unreliable, and there's a high probability of being left without money and without my channel. Their maintenance is very weak, it's very difficult to reach them, and it's very hard to turn them off. I've already had a sad experience of joining one of these partnerships. I recommend that we engage in well-verified, stable media networks that have been very well established in several years of work in the CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other republics) that have good support services and sustainably pay their incomes to their partners, I recommend that AIR and AIR be read.

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