M1 Shop Ru Feedback On The Partnership Programme

Arbitration of traffic
Personal review of the teftelkaaaa partnership programme. This is not an advertisement. I'm telling you what it is. Free of water: a commercial partnership programme with interesting offshores, good deposits (paid for confirmed applications), accessible statistics and good support. The partner in the market for the third year has already earned respect and trust from tens of thousands of adverts, including the tops, based on feedback.
The network interface I'd call it "nothing unnecessary," it's just, convenient and understandable.
The partnership programme has implemented all the necessary functions for the arbitrator and the webmaster (mets, api, i_frame form, postback et so forth).
Guys are particularly pleased with their openness to partners and their goodwill. In addition to the development of the partnership programme itself, active participation in arbitration is also active: super-Publics for partners in Vk, charities among partners, constantly attending conferences and meetings, etc. The attitude towards arbitrationrs is very good. The Administration is trying to comply with all requests (continuing surveys on the improvement of the network), adding the necessary goods to the advert, making good conditions for it, especially if the advert is doing his business well. Such partners are given VIP status. That means he can request an advance payment, he gets between 20 and 50 roubles. additional to each confirmed product application. But you don't have to be a top arbitrationr to have such conditions, just make yourself a good advert and everything.
The Administration is endeavouring to encourage and motivate its partners (e.g., shares, public competitions and various role plays). What are their warm words to pay?
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