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Question-response on work with
Сервис приема платежей и is a convenient service to connect payments to info-product sales sites.

How does that work?

If you're already the owner of a site and you're willing to connect the receipts, then once we've been registered in our service, add your website. When adding the site, describe it and indicate the page to which you wish to sell (this could be a downloading page of the sales file or a page with your content, course, methodology, etc.).
After adding the site, our service is generating a link for you to the payment page for your website. Set the link on your website.
Once your buyers have paid, our service will automatically send them to the page you have indicated.

Like me. Establish a partnership programme for my website?

When you connect your website to our service, put a box at the "connect the partnership system" point, and indicate the percentage of contributions to partners that will advertise your website. We'll give you a link to the new partners page for our website.

How do I start working without my website?

If you don't have your website, then after registration, in the Web Catalogue section, select any websites and advertise them on your partnership link. After the customers pay on the websites, we'll charge a percentage of your sales.

How can I advertise sites in the catalogue?

There are many ways of buying traffic: tiger, banner, context advertising; e-mail, advertisements; social media announcements and other sites; and others.

When and in what currency are payments made?

On schedule, payments are made weekly, in roubles, through Webmoney electronic payment systems, Yandex. Money, Qiwi wallets or maps. Payments are made from Monday to Tuesday in the previous week.

Is there a real symmet at the service?

Yeah, we're offering one of the most convenient reference programmes. We pay 5 per cent of your partners' earnings. Your contributions are deducted exclusively from the income of the service, not from the balance of partners.

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