Commercial Internet Stores

Partnership network: Where is the elephant
Товарные партнерские программы

Форма создания товарной XML-выгрузки с фильтрами


Arbitrators, partner shop owners and comparison sites.

We receive quality XML-loads from all the advertisers of our network, which enables us to provide partners with a base of more than 3 million product outlets from over 100 major Russian and foreign Internet stores.

Partners can create automatically updated XML/CSV-loads with their partner links, selecting goods in single or multiple advertisers for unloading.

You can set up a partnership shop with a free lobby for Wordpress, and for arbitration, you can use integration with Runet's famous services.

Form of product XML-loading with filters



Your or your client-generated content is a real treasure. Memories of goods, brands, sites, direct references to Internet stores are already organically located on your resource, but it has not yet brought you money.

Рекомендатор - инструмент для монетизации контента. Просто поставьте наш код к себе на сайт.Having examined the semantics and morphology of your content, the Recommendor will automatically pick up the items of interest to your readers. The code you put on the site will find references to these items in the text and offer options for the acquisition of this product. In addition, all references to our advertisers ' sites can automatically be partnered.

Just put our code on the website. You can make more money!

The recommendationor is a tool to coinate content. Just put our code on your website.


For the owners of the coupon.

The various shares and discounts are a great tool to increase your traffic conversion. You need to get people the information they want to know.

The owners of the coupon sites, as well as those working with the coupon trawl, will be given a permanent and timely, updated pool of over 200 coupons. Individual coupons are for successful partners.

In addition, you can create XML-loading bills, shares and discounts, setting it up as necessary.

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