Partnership Programme To Set Up Its Internet Store

Chapter 10
Создание партнерского

In the VamShop, there's a pathner module in the program, we'll talk about how this module works.

In this section, we will examine in detail the unit of the partnership programme, how to build on how to pay fees, etc.

What's a partner program and how it works?

What's a partner program?

Use of Internet stores Partnership Programme - it's one way to expand the market and increase the volume of online sales.

I specifically emphasized that the partnership program is only one way to take the partner program as a cure that will help solve all the problems. Sometimes the partnership programme can only create additional difficulties, and it is important to approach the partnership programme very seriously.

How does the partner program work?

The partnership program is quite simple. The man is registered in the online stores partner program, each registered partner is assigned a unique number, each registered partner has a number, and the partner numbers cannot be repeated. The partner then receives links in the partner section of the Internet store to house them on his website, with links as follows:

Where 1 is a unique partner's number. Each visitor who travels to the internet store on a partnership link shall be recorded and recorded in the system. A partner who was sent to the store by the customer can see all the moves and all the purchases on his statistic page.

To date, the internet stores partner ' s software scheme is designed to pay commissioners only for validated Internet-based purchase orders, and no payment is made for bonds at this time.

If a visitor who went to the desk at the desk at the desk at the desk at the desk at the desk at the desk at the internet store, he's got a fee, a percentage of the value of the booked and paid through the partner. The percentage of the commission is set in the construction of the partnership programme, as discussed below.

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