Partnership Income Through The Index Director

Заработок на партнерских

Яндекс директ - стоящий сервис для зарабатывания денегI'm sure a lot of people have heard that Yandez's director can make money, but like what the system is, we'll try to figure out this article.

What's Janex Direkt?

It's a powerful service context for advertising from the leading searcher of the Rune. Context advertising allows you to be shown on search results as well as on partner sites.

How do you make it to the Yandex Director?

  • You can put an ad code on your website, if you have it.
  • Visitors can be purchased and sent in different kinds partnerships

Yandex Directe websites

From early 2014, from Yandex. The director's got two news. They're both bad and good at the same time. Depends on who. For young and small sites, very bad. For popular, old projects with trust and authority, great.

Another winter Yandex. The Director announced the " disbandment " of the Partnership Service Centres, the CPCs. Only the largest CPCs with monthly turnover in Yandex were left in the system. Direkt's in a million roubles.

Short of CPC

Пример заработка на видеокурсе похуденияCPCs with a few clients and small turnovers should have either been or should have been disrupted or co-opted with larger ones. In principle, the situation is solved and everyone can live. And small CPCs, and client pabliches with low attendance and trust sites. At the beginning of the summer, Yandex. Dirkt wrote another surprise on the registration page:

“ Unfortunately, cooperation with partner service centres has ceased”.

Those sites that had previously worked with the CPCs should now link the site to the Yandex login and then conclude a partnership agreement directly with the search engine. And that's not all the commercials say. Here you are, gentlemen of the webmaster, more plugs and liver:

Even if the resource is highly attended, but from the perspective of the Yandex, it is not of interest to users, cooperation will also be terminated. This applies, as indicated, to home park sites and to them. Minimum attendance threshold of 500 pupils per day. While some of the visits are known to be rejected by the Yandex as questionable or inappropriate.

It's getting harder on the new website.

The focus is now on site quality. It is clear that the system retains all the sites that have been occupying TOPs for many years, with thousands and tens of thousands of visitors on a daily basis, with the respect and authority of the Yandex Administration.

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