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Как заработать на YouTube | Реальные способы заработка YouTube в 2015 году.41 comments

YouTube can't make a living and not just a lazy one.

I've already raised the topic of how to work and make a living on YouTube, and I can say that the matter is still in the air. Because there are many people working on YouTube, but only units actually earn.

At first, I wanted to write a single article that would elaborate on the issues that would help practically every user to understand what was needed for real wages in Yutub and which prevented most from obtaining the expected result in cash bills.

But I see that there's a lot of material, and so I decided to split into a series of issues that I called "How to work and earn on YOUTUBE in 2015. Practice. "

I'm going to put out in my favorite messenger, so it's easier to understand the newcomers, and the more experienced ones will give themselves the right moments.

Although I recommend that the YouTube payroll manual be read in full.

So, the first part of the Marlezona Ballet, in which we will find today:

What you need to earn on YouTube

1. Film videos, theirs or strangers.

2. YouTube Canal. One or more.

3. Audits or subscriptions

4. Advertising.

Running forward, I'll write what we'll know in the second part:

What's needed to get your videos looked, and you're the money.

1. Let's make a full video.

2. YouTube video locks

3. Gathering videos to playlists.

4. We bring as many people as we can.

5. Gray video promotion techniques

We'll figure out the best part in the third part:

Actual and real ways of monetizing the YouTube video in 2015

1. YouTube's partner program. YouTube

2. Monetization through the media network of Necrete who have been certified by YouTube.

3. Certified store declarations.

4. Partnership products and stores.

5. CPA partnerships

6. A straight deal with a partner.

So far, there's only three issues in the plan? YouTube's salary, video lessons, but if you need to add materials.

I feel like I need to!

Before we start discussing the most delicious, that's what youTube's worth, we're gonna go to nudotine! You don't want to, but that's not it!

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