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Make money on the travel blog?
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70 per cent of bloggers do not earn anything on their journals, of the remaining professionals, only 20 per cent have made the blog the main source of income. Half of the professional bloggers are bloggers on the payroll, which is the blog for the company that hired them. The figures on the Internet are English-speaking blogosphere, if anything.

Often, I hear two very and not very familiar people who don't intersect, but rather common views on the life of bloggers.

First sounds like it. The bloggers are "poor" that throw on the balls in restaurants as a butler to the bone, go to different food-related events, and the top carriers consider an invitation to the press or blog, which is worse.

Second point. Bloggers are rich dormants, floating business class, who, in their free time, spit in the ceiling and get a little money for advertising.

Both viewpoints are random error. The truth is a different story, and relative success is the result of work, as in any case.

Now about the money. I'll share my experience and my tools, and I'll really have plenty of ways. The Internet is a multipurpose thing, enough for everyone.

So, almost every bloger, setting up its first site or making the first blog on one of the famous Internet sites, thinks it creates a straw for the soul and writes for itself and his friends. After some time, usually six months to one year, and in difficult cases, after two or more years of work with a blog, 90 per cent are thinking of coining.

Google or Yandex

I only use Google advertising, there are three blocks of context advertising on the website. She doesn't bother anyone, she doesn't distract. Most of the websites on the network are quite overloaded by ads and obsessive offers, which is scary.

Context advertising is the simplest way to earn a blog without making any other effort but increasing traffic. The more traffic, the higher the income from advertising.

When visiting 30-50,000 users per month, you will earn a maximum of $25-40 for the same period. With the increase in attendance, income does not increase proportionally, but generally positive trends.

The Google Context Advertisement makes sense for 300 visitors a day. The Yandex allows for his advertisements to be advertised for 500 unique visitors per day.

Purchaser direct advertising - billboards
The customer arrives when the site ' s attendance reaches at least 1,000 visitors per day, the higher the rate of attendance, the higher the likelihood of the order, but not so simple. No commercials can be received from 20,000 per day. It's not even important to sell, it's important to have links with advertising agencies, many of which don't care about website attendance.

Such advertising produces several times more income than context advertising. It is necessary to work hard with advertising agencies and to attend at least 2,000 to 3,000 visitors per day, better at 10 to 15 thousand per day.

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