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How to earn in social networks
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The social networking today has become an integral part of the lives of a vast number of people living on all continents of the world. Today, it's more than entertainment, it's a distinct virtual world where a man meets, communicates, plays games, shares, presents, etc. However, it is not limited to making small efforts in social networks that can earn money. The most popular means of earning in social networks are:

  • Implementation of assignments (Likes, crossings, invitations to new users, community positions, voting, etc.);
  • Establishment and development of thematic groups;
  • Development and deployment of annexes;
  • Employment in the company that owns social media;

Let's see each of these ways in more detail.

1. Delivery for money

This way of earning is related to registration in partnership programmes to earn in social media, which pays for certain actions by scout owners in social networks. It could be the sale of likov, status, reference. Users can add notes, videos and audios, download photos, invite friends and a lot of things.

Partnership programmes for social networking

There are many exchanges. There are many new ones. To date, the most popular exchanges are:

In addition to specialized exchanges, assignments can be found on:

Algorithm earning on partnership programmes in social media.

In order to earn a partnership, you need:

  • To register in the exchange (most immediately in all, so will the wider scope of profitable assignments)
  • Add an account to the stock exchange (this may be the profile of the Wakontact, classmates, Twitter, Google+, My World, Instagram, etc.)
  • Waiting for aquaunt's conditioning.
  • Looking for assignments to perform. Usually there's a list of suggestions from the advertisers. You're making an application for it yourself.
  • You do, you get the money.

How much can be earned on assignments

I'm not gonna hide that a millionaire can't be here. The specific numbers depend heavily on your account. If it's rolled and popular, the cost of one assignment will be much higher. Plus, you don't have to forget your personal activity. Speaking of numbers. Well, the popular tweet account makes over 3,000 roubles a month. You can squeeze 5,000 roubles a month.

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